Bahney’s is one of the oldest family owned furniture stores in the United States. We have been providing our services to them for the past 40 years, providing custom finishes for their design services, servicing existing furniture that has been sold and all kinds of repairs; both cosmetic and mechanical on furniture manufactured by Stickley, Henkle-Harris, and other fine brands available at Bahney’s.

For the past 25 years Kahl’s has been refinishing the wood cases of many fine pianos. A majority of the pianos that Snyder’s restores are Steinway, Chikoring and Knabe.

Dave Snyder does a complete and meticulous restoration. Between our two companies we can completely restore any piano to its original condition using old style techniques which include grain filling, hand glazing and hand rubbed finishes on our part.

Dave Snyder will remake the sound boards and rebuild the mechanical side, while we refinish and restore the wood cases.

Chuck is a collector and restorer of early TV, radios, and record players. Over the years we have restored numerous pieces for chuck and more recently some unbelievably rare and beautiful antique TV cabinets.