With this being our 49th year in the restoration business, we have gone through many changes in order to master our finishing techniques. Throughout the website I mention the fact that we are a close-knit team dedicated to the highest level of quality as well as my hands on approach to ownership. As the owner/ finisher of Kahl’s for the past 35 years, I work directly with the customer to design colors and sheens, that are not just stunning to look at but are also pleasing to the touch. Twenty years ago a finish was merely a stain coat, a seal coat, and a topcoat. Ten years ago we started using glaze; which is a second color sandwiched between the finish coats to add depth and highlight the grain. Today we use a 3 color system to create more depth and to add character. Today’s system is also done beneath a hand-rubbed topcoat and creates a finish that is warm and soft-looking and silky smooth to the touch. We use these techniques for all kinds of effects; from super low sheen or primitive, [1820’s Cherry Dresser] to full gloss or formal. These highly advanced techniques can bring your furniture back to life. We work directly with our customers in choosing colors and effects that are appropriate for wood species and style of furniture. These procedures produces a finish that is the trademark of a Kahl Restoration. The Rubbing Process– One thing that clearly distinguishes us from the other shops is our process of hand rubbed finishes. A Kahl finish has a special look and feel that is only possible through our rubbing process. After decades of development we have created a technique that allows us to achieve all levels of sheens, for every age and style of furniture. Once you see and feel our finish you will understand our 46 years of success.