The Workshop

Most of the Furniture that comes into Kahl’s Restoration is not in anywhere close to good condition, and in some cases it is either fix it or junk it; so having a complete shop is vital.

Our shop consists of 6 areas:

Stripping Room– We use what is known as a flow-over system. We pump thin methylene chloride solvent through a soft nylon bristled brush, allowing us to gently scrub old finishes off of the furniture. We strip all kinds of finishes off all kinds of wood using this process. The beauty of this system is that it does not attack the glue or raise the grain of the wood.

Repair Area– The repair area is the most complicated. It consists of clamps of all kinds, power tools such as a table saw, lathe, mortiser, drill press, band saw, planer, drum sander, vacuum press, and numerous hand tools. All of these tools are necessary for vital steps we might encounter in a complete restoration.

Sanding, Staining, and Rubbing Area– In this area we do most hand and machine sanding. After sanding is complete, most of the hand staining is done here as well. This area is also used for final rub and assembly.

Finish Room– This room is built around a Binks Air Filter Booth. Here we do all dye staining, sealing, hand glazing, and top coating.

Drying Room– This is where we keep wet finishes to dry and cure. We allow 3 days before rubbing and assembly.

Office and Show Room– All office work is done here. Finished pieces are stored here where they await pick up or delivery.